changing the node icon [RazzaDS]

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changing the node icon [RazzaDS]

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In my heirarchy the limbs have a standard folder icon and the leaves has a standard paper sheet icon. What steps are involved in changing these defaults? In the admin tool I've created a new glyph, and then created a new node type with this glyph assigned to it. I got lost from here. I don't quite understand why you assign node properties and validations to the created node type.

I don't see where you assign a node to a node type, or how to use one of the node properties that is assigned to the desired node type to get the node to display with my desired glyph.
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A node level property should be created to calculate the node type, usually a lookup or derived property. There is a hierarchy level property called 'HierNodeType', which can be set to point to a node level property that provodes the node type for a given node to the hierarchy, which then applies the node type to the node, changing the node's glyph, displayed properties, and available validations.
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