RazzaDS and Date/Time dimensions [Razza]

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RazzaDS and Date/Time dimensions [Razza]

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Since RazzaDS is intended to manage large complex dimensions with different hierarchical view across the enterprise such as accounts or product line dimensions, I was curious if there was any worth in trying to also manage a date dimension in a central place, possibly with just the goal of making the ETL updates of date dimensions easier.

Does it make sense to try this or has anyone tried this with success or failure?
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Doesn't really make sense. Typically you populate your date dimension well into the future. About the only thing that would ever change would be the holiday information - unless a Pope gets the notion to fiddle with the calendar again! So the date dimension should require little if any updating. IMHO.
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This is very often done to accomodate the automated launch of a cube with a one stop shopping approach to dimension aquisition via a Razza Dimension Server Book, which is a group of exports. Actually managing the time dimension in RazzaDS doesn't actually add a lot of value beyond the ability to ship it with the rest of the dimensionality in the cube and possibly control security configuration metadata.
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