Webservices not processing higher volume after re-structure

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Webservices not processing higher volume after re-structure

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We had a service that was processing a request in 500 ms - 1 second. around 20,000 requests were processed in 1.5 hours.

The service was calling a datastage job. Recently the job was split to two jobs. Two new services are created to call these new jobs. A wrapper job is created two call these two services using Webservice transformer stages. This wrapper job is called by a service.

The provider properties for the three new services are same as the old one.

The processing time for each individual request is same as the old one around 500 ms - 1 second.

But as part of load testing when more than 100 requests are sent using the existing throttle mechanism to the wrapper service it is resulting in the hung threads on WAS and not processing any further.

Should the provider properties be changed for wrapper service to avoid this ?

What other considerations can be done to avoid these deadlocks?

Prakash Dasika
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Curious if you ever got an answer / solution for this...

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