A timeout occurred during processing-WSDL Transformer

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A timeout occurred during processing-WSDL Transformer

Post by maniphilip »

In our project we are using a web service and we are using web service transformer stage to call the web service.Our job design is given below

Seq File ->WSDL Transformer->XML file

Right now we are testing for a single invocation of web service.Initially we faced the firewall issue , and we resolved the issue,now we are able to connect to web service server from datastage server and we checked it using telnet.We are using key store file to do handshakes between web service and datastage.But now we are facing the below error

Service invocation exception: <Fault xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
<faultcode xmlns="">SOAP-ENV:Server</faultcode>
<faultstring xmlns="">A timeout occurred during processing</faultstring>
<faultactor xmlns="">/</faultactor>
<detail xmlns=""><text>Timeout. Broker did not provide a response within the specified time interval (180 seconds) (made it to flow: true)</text></detail>
at com.ascentialsoftware.wsclient.OperationCall.handleRemoteException(OperationCall.java:388)
at com.ascentialsoftware.wsclient.OperationCall.invoke(OperationCall.java:293)
at com.ascentialsoftware.wsclient.WebService.callServiceInternal(WebService.java:1685)
at com.ascentialsoftware.wsclient.WebService.callService(WebService.java:1591)
at com.ascentialsoftware.wsclient.WebService.callService(WebService.java:1544)
at com.ascentialsoftware.wspack.Transformer.process(Transformer.java:105)
at com.ascentialsoftware.jds.StageFactory.runStage(StageFactory.java:544)
at com.ascentialsoftware.jds.StageFactory.runTransformer(StageFactory.java:361)
Please help.
We are getting response from SOAP UI for the same input
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Host entry

Post by maniphilip »

Do we have to make a host entry for web service port address in datastage environment to resolve the time out issue?
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Post by qt_ky »

Is your soapUI testing run on a Windows client or on your UNIX DataStage server? Testing this type of problem needs to be done from the server.

Usually timeouts indicate firewall blockages. If you are certain you have the firewall open, and you've tested the IP and port using telnet from the UNIX server, then I would suspect that the web service itself is timing out on the other end.

You might also want to involve your network team to monitor traffic and trace what's going on.
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Post by ray.wurlod »

Another possibility (which I have encountered in the past) is that the web server itself is overloaded. This is another thing that you should check.
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Post by eostic »

It is sometimes very worthwhile to re-write your Job as a Server Job, using the WS Transformer Stage......do this for debugging purposes, because the WSTransformer in Server supports fully tracing capability....

Build the Job in Server, then compile and run it...and while on the "run" dialog, find the "Tracing" tab and then check your WS Transformer stage on the left, and all four boxes on the right.....

You will get a LOT of stuff in the log....and most importantly, in the very middle of all of that, you will get (hopefully) an entry for "xml" that is for the soap envelope going "OUT" and another for the soap envelope coming back "IN"......

That information may help determine where your timeout is.......if you never get a soap message back "in", then DataStage is stuck waiting and getting timed out....

...if the fault you are receiving is in the message in the way back "in", it may be that the web service host itself is waiting on something and getting timed out.

Ernie Ostic

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Post by chulett »

Excellent advice, as usual. 8)

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Post by maniphilip »

Thank you Ernie,qt_ky and Ray for the suggestions.

We will work on it and let you know
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Post by dipeshk12886 »

Is your issue resolved?
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