My IA Christmas Wishlist

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My IA Christmas Wishlist

Post by stuartjvnorton »

It's not much: all I want for Christmas is a reporting environment to allow for custom creation of IA reports. And by "custom creation" I don't mean "thoughtfully allow me a tick box to return optional notes". :roll:

I understand why they obfuscate the repository, but it makes for reports that no one likes.

I have tried in the past to get IA results out and in a format that doesn't mean getting laughed at by my clients (2000 page PDF for Summary Statistics alone?), but it's a lot of work to manually cut out the useful bits just for some results.
And the TXT and XLS reports are a joke. 'Nuf said.

Keep it obfuscated at the physical level: I don't care.
But some sort of abstracted model or a report builder that allows me a little more freedom to create reports that people actually want to look at would be lovely.
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Post by greggknight »

Well I am sorry to hear you think the xml files are a joke.
I use them, have been using them for 10 years.

I wrote a series of jobs which parse all the xml files and loads the data into tables, relational of course. I then use a reporting tool like Report Builder in this case since the tables are in SQL server, and build my various reports.
The ones I send to management and the ones that I use to evaluate performance and such.

And I suppose you could use Information server but I can't speak to that, I have not used it. Pretty satisfied with the system I built.
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Post by vmcburney »

Have a look at the HTTP API interface, you can query things like column analysis results using HTTP API calls and display them in your own reporting tool or in Cognos using GET commands.
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