Job is being accessed by another user

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Job is being accessed by another user

Post by dsedi »

--Job <xxx> is being accessed by another user--

Some times this could be an annoying message and would make us to wait for few moments before it opens other window...
Then have to open director to see who have it opened or is that locked for some reason.

How about a message "Job <xxxx> is being accessed by <user id>
Not sure how hard it could be..

Still I am working in 7.5.2 so not sure this has already been implemented in 8.x versions.

Apologize if you do not find this is reasonable.
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Post by ray.wurlod »

Version 8 not only gives you the session ID that owns the lock, but also allows you to open the job design read-only while it's still locked for editing by the other user.
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