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DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix
Hi all, I am trying to extract data from a Cluster table in SAP and the requirement is that I join this table with two other tables and get the data.
Since it is a cluster table I choose the option "Build SQL query" while generating the ABAP code.

Issue: I was not able to join the Cluster table with more than One table. I would like to know if there is any limitation on Joining the No.of tables while using Cluster tables.

Example: Lets say A - Cluster table and B & C are Transparent tables I am trying to join B & C first and the the result I am trying to join it to the A.

When I Choose Build SQL query Option it is letting me to join A with B and A with C always but I was not able to join B & C.

I have read through the PDF's and searched the forum but couldn't able to find any information. Please let me know if I am missing anything.

Thanks so much.

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I know this message is a year old, but it is still relevant and I didn't find any similar solutions posted here.

I'm running DataStage Enterprise 8.5 FP2 with SAP R/3 pack on HP-UX IA64.

You can't join cluster tables in SAP using direct SQL "WHERE" clauses, so "Build SQL Query" generation method won't work. Instead, use "Build Extraction Object" generation method to join a transparent table to cluster table.

When you "Build", first select the transparent table(s) as parent, then select the cluster table. Select the cluster table in the EO tree and click SQL Condition. From there you can either "Add Relationship" using the tool by selecting the Join Table and columns and other buttons, or you can manually enter the join clause in the "ABAP SQL Condition" box. If you need to filter using other columns from transparent table(s), you should apply separate SQL conditions from the EO tree.

Using this method, I have successfully implemented a job that joins VBRK (transparent) to KONV (cluster) table.

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