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DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Windows
Cognos 8 user roles are grouped according to the amount of control the user should have over the application. The first grouping, non-author roles, allows users access to reports generated from Cognos 8 via various mechanisms such as e-mail, a portal, or direct access to a studio. The second grouping, author roles, allows users to create reports using one or more studios. Also, discussed within author roles are the administration roles of the BI Professional and the BI Administrator.

Cognos 8 has three non-author roles that provide all users with the ability to view stored reports, and in the case of the consumer, to run reports. The three roles are the Remote Recipient, Recipient, and Consumer.

Remote Recipient
As a Remote Recipient, you can receive reports that have been generated by Cognos 8 and that have been released to you through various outlets (such as e-mail, wireless devices, or paper). Users can view reports without access to any Cognos software.

As a Recipient, you have access to the Cognos Connection portal to select and view stored reports. Additionally, you can set the default language, time zone, and other personal preferences in Cognos Connection. You can view the same reports that Remote Recipients can, but you can view them directly on the portal.

Consumers have access to the Cognos Connection portal to select and view stored reports in the same way that the Recipient does. As a Consumer, you can consume any content in Cognos Connection by running reports, responding to prompts, and scheduling reports.

Additionally, you can consume report output inside the Microsoft Office environment with the IBM Cognos 8 Go! Office component. This allows you to access your business intelligence (BI) content directly from your Microsoft document. You can receive Event Studio notifications (such as status changes, updates about priority customers, and so on). Finally, you can set preferences and create folders in the Cognos Connection portal.

Unlike the Recipient’s screen, the Consumer’s Cognos Connection screen shows Run With options displayed in the Actions column for each applicable report. This gives you the ability to execute reports using a variety of options.

Author Roles

Cognos 8 offers many author roles that give users varying levels of access to studios and applications in Cognos 8. This chapter covers the five most common roles that give you access to Query Studio, Report Studio, Event Studio, Metric Studio, and Analysis Studio. The following sections provide a brief description of each role and to what studios each role has access.

Business Author (Query Studio)
The Business Author role is designed for business users who need fast answers to business questions. It has all of the capabilities of the Consumer role but also includes ad hoc query and reporting capabilities. Users can create simple queries or access and edit existing queries. All queries and analysis can be saved in folders in Cognos Connection.

Business Analyst (Analysis Studio)
As a Business Analyst, you have the same rights as the Consumer. You also have access to Analysis Studio and all of its functionality to perform interactive analysis on your organization’s BI content. You can also see trends and identify anomalies to help keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Business Manager (Metrics Studio)
The Business Manager role is designed for business managers who need a cross-functional view of the business in the perspective of key performance indicators. Business Managers have the same rights as the Consumer and also have access to Metric Studio and Metric Designer and all of their functionality to set up and manage scorecards and scorecard security.

Professional Author (Reports Studio, Query Studio)
Professional Authors are generally people who create reports for others to consume. They have a greater requirement for professional quality output. As a Professional Author, you have the same rights as the Consumer. You also have access to Query Studio, where you can create ad hoc queries and edit saved queries, and Report Studio, where you can create and test new reports, edit existing reports, and publish the reports for consumption by your organization. As an added level of quality assurance and quality control, the Administrator can require that two Professional Authors are needed to publish a report where the first Professional Author creates the report and the second Professional Author audits and publishes the report. Finally, different Professional Authors may have access only to the reports pertinent to their department. For example, one Professional Author may have access only to financial reports, while another may have access only to sales reports.

BI Professional
The BI Professional spends a great deal of time creating BI content for the rest of the organization to use. As a Professional, you have access to all five studios: Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio, and Event Studio, as well as Metric Designer, Transformer, and all deployed packages. You have nearly the same abilities as the Administrator with the exception of Framework Manager and Map Manager. A Professional can create reports and scorecards, perform analysis, or set up notifications. Typically, an organization has only one or two Professionals.

BI Administrator
As a BI Administrator, you have access to all five studios. In addition, you have access to Framework Manager to model metadata and publish packages, and Map Manager to create maps, add attributes to maps, and manage maps. You are the creator and manager of how Cognos 8 collaborates with your BI content.
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