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I am having a problem with searching. Earlier today, I posted a topic about APT_IMPORT_PATTERN_USES_FILESET. I had done a search looking for any postings about this topic and did not find any. I had searched 'All Available' forums, with the 'Search for any terms or use query as entered' radio button selected. No hits.

Now, I just happened to be reading a topic that was updated last night and it referenced this APT variable (exact match on name). I reran my search from this morning, and NO HITS. That includes the topic from last night and the one I posted myself this morning.

I could not find the topics unless I switched the search to 'Exact match'. Any idea why this is happening? Kind of makes me distrust the search if I have to repeat it with multiple combinations in order to determine if it is, in fact, working.


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The Search facility has a threshold for indexing common words. Once something hits that magic number, it doesn't get included in global searches. Sometimes that causes heartache for new members who aren't used to using it.

Yeah yeah yeah, given enough time and money your Webmaster will probably enhance and tune the searching algorithms. Hmmm, time and money, where have I heard that theme before. Wink

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