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DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix

I have a problem for which my search in Internet didn't yield any posts. I'm sure that this might have been already solved by somebody and may be I'm making a very small mistake.

I have an xml from which I have to create a text file and I'm using Hierarchial Stage to do this.

I have an XML of the Structure below,

I have mapped currently "ns1:Othr" to List - outputlink, since this is the bottom most element and can map most of the fields except the below;


From the redbooks, I understand that elements that are under different lists, with the lists being at the same level cannot be mapped. So I have used another parser step. But when I use Union, I have the option to import schema only from the library as an XSD. But what I need is a text file. This is where I'm lost. Hope somebody can offer some suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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