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DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Windows
Cognos Connection
Cognos Connection is the web portal by which users access Cognos 8 and the studios. Depending on the role that you have been assigned, you can use the Cognos Connection portal to retrieve, view, publish, manage, and organize your organization’s reports, scorecards, and agents. The Administrator also uses the Cognos Connection portal to establish roles and user permissions and manage the Cognos Connection content.

Query Studio
Quickly answer a focused question. It lets you:
· create simple queries and reports
· apply basic formatting and templates

Report Studio
Build sophisticated, multi-page reports. It lets you:
· design professional reports including dashboards with gauges, charts, maps, and other graphical elements
· drill through to related details in other reports
· burst a report to distribute copies to recipients that contain only the data that is relevant to them

Professional Authoring Mode
Professional authoring mode gives you access to all of Report Studio’s functionality. You can create charts, maps, lists, repeaters, or any other available report types using static data from relational or multi-dimensional data sources. The Professional authoring mode has all of the features that the Express authoring mode has and then some.

Express Authoring Mode
Express authoring mode provides a scaled-down version of Report Studio. The average report writer can access relational and multi-dimensional data sources and create financial and management statement reports. In the Express authoring mode, you can create crosstab reports and access live data. You can view a report that was created in Professional authoring mode; however, you cannot modify objects available only in Professional authoring mode (such as charts, maps, and lists).

Event Studio
Notify users of important events that may affect their business. It lets you:
· create agents that check the data for a particular condition, and then notify the appropriate decision-makers of what has happened
· choose a notification method, such as generating emails, running reports, updating a portal news channel, or communicating with other software

Metric Studio
Manage the performance of your organization by monitoring and analyzing metrics (or key performance indicators).
It lets you:
· track your business by viewing metrics
· assign tasks to poorly performing metrics
· link to reports containing related information

Analysis Studio
Analyze and compare data to discover trends, risks, and opportunities. It lets you:
· perform a clear and uncluttered analysis of large volumes of data
· drill up and down to view more or less detail, rank values, and apply complex filtering
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