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Post Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 3:28 am Reply with quote    Back to top    

There has been a lot of fuss and many posts with opposite opinions regarding this issue.

I wanted to point out the way I see it (without hijacking any thread)

I'm sure we all understand that providing this site with everything involved has it's costs.

The effects the said change (Premium Posters are not free knowledge, but their answers are summarized in 3 rows) will have are actually 1 of the following 2 situation:
1. getting immediate response (since they lurk here consistently)
2. getting an added value of support on top (not instead of Exclamation ) the support contract you have (if you have one).

So in fact option 1 was never, a given service.
and option 2 means you understand you have added value from this site.

In fact most things remain the same,
while added value comes with a price tag (as in most other cases).

The only thing that is really the issue now is can you say it's worth the costs?
50$ a year divided by 52 weeks a year is:
0.96153846153846153846153846153846 $ a week
divided by 5 working days a week is: 0.19230769230769230769230769230769 $ a day

Ask yourself how much money you cost a day and how mush time this site saved you so far and will save you in the future?
And is the added value you get here worth those 20 cents a day?

If your not fully convinced it is worth it, or didn't manage to get your boss at least one corporate licence instead of paying one yourself then no one is forcing you.
And in fact you are no worst then you've been so far, as already said, if the 5 Premium posters moved on and stopped posting.

I personally think that people working with the product always benefit from this site now and then making the costs worth the services (which I understand are going to be worth even more for additional added values that await Charter Members)

The above said is only IMHO(In My Humble Opinion)
and is said from an objective point of view.

Bottom line If you think it's worth it for you join in


Roy R.
Time is money but when you don't have money time is all you can afford.

Search before posting:)

Join the DataStagers team effort at:

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Post Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 6:44 pm Reply with quote    Back to top    

roy wrote:
And in fact you are no worst then you've been so far, as already said, if the 5 Premium posters moved on and stopped posting.

Not quite. If the Top5 moved on, there would be (way!) more posts with 0 responses. This is one of the first things that non-gurus look for - a question Ray hasn't gotton to yet (I found one last night Smile yay).

Is it poor etiquette for a non-premium member to request no Top5 responses to a new thread in order to elicit answers for the "second-echelon"?

One more thing. I agree that it's worth $50 - even $100. But only because I have been on this site for a while.
You will have trouble convincing new members how good the Top5 answers are without letting them see the goods first.

How about unlocking premium content after (say) 2 months. This way, non-premium members get almost full benefits of Search, but cannot get snappy answers to their own questions. They will see how good the Top5 are historically, and be that much more tempted to pay for a solution to their pressing problem.

Ross Leishman
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