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How would you like to see the DSXchange cover its costs?
Donations and Premium Services --> Members cover costs
 7%  [ 24 ]
Advertising and Sponsors --> Corporate revenue covers costs
 59%  [ 193 ]
Contract/Brokerage/Placement Services --> Costs covered by matching customers and consultants
 8%  [ 26 ]
Merger arrangement with ADN --> Costs covered by Ascential
 25%  [ 82 ]
Total Votes : 325

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lgharis wrote:

One person asked what costs need to be covered. Is the cost for hardware, software, site hosting, or what?

Cost are generally broken down into three areas: Site hosting, Site development and Site maintenance.

Site Hosting

We contract with a hosting service to provide the hardware, software, bandwidth, and some basic administrative services. Currently we lease two servers to support the DSXchange.

Site Development

DCS-Strategies (the company behind the DSXchange) deploys personnel to research and implement the most effective online community solutions. Sometimes these implementations are stunningly successful. (Who could have guessed that the DSXchange would have grown into such a powerhouse for professionals using the Ascential Integration Enterprise Suite?) And sometimes our implementations aren't so successful (offering regional forums and websites seemed like a good idea but never really took off). Regardless, we're always looking for ways to make the DSXchange that much more robust.

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance basically breaks down into two areas: community oversight and web server oversight. A partial list of community oversight responsibilities includes monitoring the board, chasing down spammers, and fielding emails from community members. A partial list of the web server side of the equation includes keeping software up-to-date to keep the bad guys out and rescuing crashing hard drives (yep, like we experienced last week for those of you who saw 3 days of posts 'magically' disappear.)

David Baldwin
Former DSXchange Webmaster
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