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The SAP online community had a system of rewarding points for online participation such as reading executive blogs and posting forum messages. You could exchange these points for pens, soccer balls etc (or at Ray's level a BMW Very Happy ). They have just decided to shut it down due to all the inane responses they were getting to executive blogs from people trying to build up their reward points!

SAP Community Member Rewards Program Ending November 30, 2004
As a result of constant feedback from our members, we regret to inform you that the Member Rewards program will be closed as of November 30, 2004. Our decision is based upon the large number of members who have contacted us to suggest removing the program to improve the member generated posts and comments. Many of our members were discouraged from interacting due to the lack of helpful interactions they were seeing in our Executive Blogs and forums. As we strive to keep the SAP Community an important source of desirable information, the large amount of "good blog" and "I agree" comments diluted the value in our members' eyes. Therefore, to stop the trend we have made this decision.

I have just managed to pass 1000 points to qualify for the SAP multifunctioned pen! It has a red ballpoint, pencil, touch screen and supply chain management software all in one. I'm afraid I'll never get to the next rewards level, the SAP binoculars, it lets you spy on other supply chain vendors so you can steal their business.

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