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Fall 2007
Free Time Trial of DataStage SE Parallel Accelerator!
For a limited time, Innovative Routines International, Inc. (IRI) is
offering a free time trial of the CoSort Plug-In for DataStage SE.
Could Your DataStage Server Edition Use a “Turbo Boost”?
Dramatically improve high-volume sort times with the CoSort Plug-In for DataStage SE, a parallel processing alternative to DataStage native sort transforms. Requiring no interface changes, this plug-in accelerates DataStage SE performance up to 10X’s. Subsequent join, aggregation, and load runtimes should improve as well.
All CoSort products leverage the popular Meta Integration Model Bridge for automated DataStage metadata integration, making a wide variety of accelerations easy. For example, Standard and Enterprise Edition performance can be accelerated using full-blown CoSort for aggregation stage external pre-processing. Many other co-processing combinations are possible. For more ideas and information, click on: http://www.cosort/solutions/ETL_DB_Acceleration/DataStage.
It's Easy to Test!
Just download a Product Evaluation NDA from ftp://ftp9.cosort.com/pdf/EvalRequest.pdf, complete and fax to 321-777-8886 or scan/email to support@cosort.com. IRI Support will get you up and running benchmarks in no time!

About IRI
Founded in 1978, IRI developed CoSort, the first commercially available sort package for UNIX. Today, the CoSort product line has grown into a robust, high-performance suite of data manipulation tools used by developers in many of the largest IT shops around the world. For more information, click on: http://www.cosort.com.

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