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Due to the overwhelming growth and success of the DSXchange, it's time to make a few changes. The forum's vast amount of information delivers great value to thousands of developers around the globe, and because of its increasingly critical role in the success of DataStage®, its related products, and the projects of so many developers around the world, we must find a way to facilitate the continued operation of this outstanding resource, even in the face of rising support costs.

To that end, we are phasing in Basic/Premium division of content on the DSXchange. Chances are you linked to this page from our January Newsletter. However, you also may have landed here by clicking a "Premium Content" button in one of the topics you were reading in the forum. You probably noticed that this button appears over what would have been the contents of a post. This means that the response was written by a "Premium Poster", and while a few words are revealed to give you some idea of the substance of the response, the majority of the reply will only be accessible to Premium Members.

So who are these Premium Posters? Our Premium Posters consist of over a dozen top-notch consultants and developers with numerous years of experience that have distinguished themselves as experts in the field. Many of these members are already leaders and mentors on this site and elsewhere. As a collective whole, these Premium Posters are a formidable source for knowledge and advice and they are all dedicated to the ongoing existence and success of this community. If you'd like to see a list of our experts check out the article entitled "Premium Posters" on the front page of our website. In addition to premium content within posts, we will soon begin adding new content areas (forums, download areas, etc.) that will only be available to Premium Members.

So, as we prepare to roll out the new Premium Content / Premium Memberships, we are pleased to offer you an exclusive opportunity:


Yes, make me a Premium Member at the regular yearly rate of US$99
Not yet, I'll continue to use my Standard Membership to access all the free content at DSXchange.com

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